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A native of Rameswaram, Roger Fernando is well acquainted for his water sports business. With a fisherman family background, Roger reckons “I was living in Australia for Four years and I used to go to water sports every weekend and that motivated me to start the water sports business in Rameswaram. In the future, we have plans to extend our sports services to trekking, 4X4 Drive and Cycling. These events are planned to be conducted in Dhanushkodi.”

Passionate People Stop At Nothing

When questioned “Why did you start from Rameshwaram? Roger was happy to inform that he is a native of Rameshwaram and comes from a fishermen family and wants to improve the livelihood of all the fishermen, diversify fishing into other passionate things.

holyisland water sports rameswaram roger owner

An Entrepreneur in the Making

From a Human Resource Professional to an Entrepreneur, Roger Fernando runs an envious business of water sports christened Holy Island Water Sports.  Passionate about water sports and an intention for the betterment and the love for his native, he stepped into this adventurous business.

With its humble beginning in the year 2014, Holy Island Water Sports comprises of many recreational activities like kayak, jet ski, stand up board, windsurfing, snorkeling, coral watching, aquarium and also has land games such as trampoline, mini wheel, Dora-Dora, water ball etc.

Sea of Services

Being passionate makes Roger; choose his services for Holy Island Water Sports precisely. He well understands what his niche clientele wants from his business. Here are few of the services that he offers apart from sports; safety equipment from all his customers, online booking for the customers to access his services from any part of the world, well equipped, trained riders and not to forget the pricing.

The pricing is all set for the local people to access and enjoy every bit of recreational sports.

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