Bharatanatyam, A Legendary Art Form

Lord Shiva also is known as Nataraja – The King of Dance.  Although his “TANDAV” destroyed the world, it was also an art that was passed on to us. As it is said, “The Cosmos is Within US”.

Bharatanatyam is such a wonderful art that still connects us to our culture and tradition not forgetting hour connection to the cosmos.  

suganthi Jai Natanalaya teacher rameswaram

Jai Natanalaya bharatanatyam dance rameswaram team

An Art.  An Artist.  An Amusement. 

Suganthi, a professional Bharatanatyam artist Kalai illaimamani, has made her connection with the art form quiet very well with her “Jai Natanalaya”  Bharatanatyam class in Rameswaram and has been passing on her knowledge to her students and kids, which is applaud-able mention.

Her focus is primarily on Rameshwaram, as it is the dwelling place of Ramanathaswamy. She trains her students in Ramanathaswamy Temple to become a part of a bigger whole.


Jai Natanalaya Students Dance Videos

Jai Natanalaya students performance with different variety of Bharatanatyam dance. It’s completely a traditional and exotic dance.


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