Rameswaram Island Culture

Rameshwaram, best known for its religious marvels and architectural significance, is a conglomeration of  sea shores, art, culture, tradition and much more.  With various religions, culture and everything in a menagerie, is really a sight to be seen once in a life time.

Art and Culture

The Art and Culture of Rameshwaram is defined by its music, art and drama that are of epic significance.  The gravity of architecture can be experienced by its marvelous architectural designs, mandabams and by others.

Fishing Culture

Located on Pamban Island in the Gulf of Mannar, at the very tip of the Indian peninsula, Rameshwaram has fishing as its major source of income. With all their jetties and boats for fishing, the locales of Rameshwaram enjoy fishing in the sea. Though fishing is the predominant work, people are also into different work profiles and the pivotal one is being into the Navy.

Shopping Culture

Closely associated with the waters, shopping in Rameshwaram is sheer pleasure. Popular for its sea shell market, people visit the market to buy souvenirs, jewelries and other remarkable items that are made of sea shells and unique materials. The other notable thing about the market is the palm leafs, bead jewelry, statues and so on.

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    The island contains a temple that is one of the most venerated of all Hindu shrines. The great temple of Rameswaram was built in the 17th century on the traditional site said to be sanctified by the god Rama’s footprints when he crossed the island on his journey to rescue his wife,

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