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Scuba diving Rameswaram – Walk the Floor of the Gulf of Mannar

Where It Is:

This place is in the Gulf of Mannar, the tip of Indian peninsula south east.  Near to Sangumal beach, Rameswaram island.

What makes it great?

It’s fascinating and greets the travellers, diving and water sports enthusiasts in India and it’s one of the best scuba diving underwater extravaganza in Tamilnadu. This bay covered with turquoise blue clear water and embraced by powdery, soft white sand abound.

You might surprise at how much you can see while dive in the underwater sea and can experience the fun, thrilling and exciting to view the comprised beautiful corals with diverse marine life. It’s a way to get a close to look at the wonder of Gulf of Mannar species.  Wearing dive mask, breathe through snorkel and beat your leg with swim fins will offers the endless range of flawless experience.

This scuba diving is run by holy island water sports. They’re certified and recognized water sports drivers.  Expert trainers and instructors train you before begin and with direct supervision watchful eyes of our professionals you can dive into 5fts to discover a marine life for 40 Minutes.

Timing: 8:00AM to 12:00AM

Days: All days in a week

Price: 5000 Rs / person

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