Kunthukal Beach, The Exotic Paradise and Tropical Hub

Kunthukal beach regarded as a paradise of Tamilnadu, which lies in the Indian Ocean, in the deep southwest of Pamban Island. Glamorous turquoise blue bay, spectacular natural flourish, serenity with verdant coconut palms and encompasses richest depositories of medicinal plants.

Kunthukal Beach Pamban

Whether you’re seeking for leisure, watersports, romance or perfect delight, Kundthukal is one of the few place in South Tamilnadu offers the endless range of flawless experiences.

Rare beauty of an underwater environment with incredibly diverse marine life such as gorgeous coral reefs, coral stones, nemo fish, green turtle, lobster, sea cucumber and you’ll probably enjoy to watch dolphin passing by offshore. The place of fascination is a delight for natural and water sports enthusiasts, especially for kayakers, windsurf, snorkelers, deep-sea fishing, glass-bottom boating and scuba drivers.

Kunthukal Beach Pamban, Rameshwaram

Breathtaking natural landscapes and turquoise waters greet the international visitors with delightful welcome. This place having a resemblance in appearance of Andaman & Goa.

Don’t forget to visit Vivekananda memorial, It is another highlight spot in Kunthukal, where you could get peaceful of mind.


Considered these opportunities, the Tamilnadu tourism government has planning with an aim to promote development of suitable tourism infrastructure in Kunthukal beach and has identified potential virgin spots such as beaches, ecotourism, watersports, leisure resorts, eco-resorts, business hotels and multicusine restaurants.

Kunthu kal Beach Pamban

It is reported that the government has decided to give business opportunity prioritize the future growth of that island fishermen.

Undoubtedly in future Kunthukal beach will become a very spectacular global meteorological tourist destination hub and you will certainly be experience with unforgettable memories here.

Kunthukal Beach Paradise

Location Map for Kunthukal Beach

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