Jada Theertham – Rameswaram

Nambunayaki amman temple, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu
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Jada Maguda Theertham Siva Temple Located about 13KMS from Dhanushkodi, it is believed that Rama washed off his hair (Jada) in this theertham after killing Ravana, so as to purify himself tyo worship lord Ramalinga.

How to Reach?

  • Dhanushkodi Route Buses
  • Auto-Rickshaw
  • Private vehicles, Taxi
Destination From Far to Jada Theertham
Agni Theertham / Ramanathaswamy Temple 12KM
Railway Station 10KM
Rameswaram Bustand 14.5KM
Dhanushkodi 8KM

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Map of Jada Theertham – Rameswaram