TNFDC – Envision the Tamilnadu fisherman’s future

Tamilnadu Fisheries Development Corporation Limited leading significant changes in developing and conserving the fisheries resources. TNFDC was established in 1974 and it has pioneered substantial remarkable activities throughout the Tamilnadu such as

1. Reservoir fisheries management
2. Fish seed production
3. Fish Marketing
4. Production and Marketing of ornamental fishes
5. Shrimp Hatchery and Shrimp farm
6. Sale of Diesel/Kerosene and OBM/IBM


Video Source: TNFDC Corporate Film

There are 8 reservoirs belongs to the TNFDC for sustainable inland fish production and the fish seeds are developing in great care at fish forms belonging the fisheries development. These reservoirs are located at

  • Sathanur
  • Aliyar
  • Amaravathy
  • Thirumoorthy
  • Bhavanisagar
  • Upper Dam
  • Palar Poranthalar
  • Perumpallum

TNFDC launched several initiatives which are highly benefits are fisherman’s in various aspects and the following activities are the best in their establishments.

  • Ornamental fish production and Sales
  • Fresh seafood
  • Retail and Mobile Fish Stalls
  • Fuel Outlets
  • Eco-parks
  • Sea Food Restaurant

This contribution and development provided with the great support of the Tamilnadu State government to the fisherman of Tamilnadu. For more details

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