nightlife places in Rameswaram

Nightlife Places in Rameswaram, Beaches, Shopping

Nightlife Places in Rameswaram, Beaches, Shopping

Do I stay a night at Rameshwaram, where to Party, Shopping or Beach?

Its next question that pops into your mind Rameshwaram is only for Pilgrimage, isn’t it?

Most people’s explore the pilgrimage spots, hurry in shopping and end their trip in a single day. But, there is a wide choice to explore in Rameshwaram Island.

Night Shopping:


After the sunsets and twinkling stars with dark sky turns the town into colorful and greets the people who looking for a leisurely evening activity.  Around the temple street, many more boutique retail outlets are on sale which invites people to explore traditional crafts, jewelry, apparels, accessories, home decors, and other handcrafted gift items.


A specialty of these shopping products is making by island local artisans who are working passion with traditional handicrafts and arts. Seashell crafts are the significance of outstanding products in Rameshwaram and it’s a very popular amount the tourists and pilgrims.



What Special in Night Shopping at Rameshwaram?


Under the sun everything available, but the crowd makes you hurry then chance to bargains and might miss buying good products.


Night time town offers to leisurely way to spend a long time shopping to explore the various retail outlets with a wide range of products. Night outlet’s allowing you to bargain to get cheap and affordable prices. Great opportunity to explore distinct seashell products which high demand for the household poojas.


Night Beach

For a relaxing evening activity, it’s a perfectly good time with your friends and family in Agnitheertham shore. With a twinkle stars brighten on the sky, freeze airflow on your hair would make a fall in love with the beach.  The shore treats you with delicious north Indian snacks and chats items.


You can watch the fishing charters roaming out at the sea with a twinkle of lights, which sparks the kids to enjoy the moments especially love to see the fisherman return back to the shore with the catches of fish.


Night Events & Festivals

Next attraction is to explore the town night temple festival events (Kovil Thiruvizha) in Rameswaram, the island people from various communities invite their family and relatives to offer prayers for their traditional gods in different temples.


These festivals promote to experience the village celebrations such as Theechatti, Mulai Paari, Kavadi, light music, open theater movie, village snacks & food stalls, Natya, handcrafts street vendors, and vintage amusement entertainments.


Night Places in Rameswaram is simply a pleasure; Do not miss to explore.



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