Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India

Best Places celebrate New Year India

Everyone is thinking to celebrate New Year in amazing way with their friends, family or with your better half and wants to begin the eve with parties, boozing and deliriously happy. Here is the some list of best places celebrate New Year India to begin your Eve with unlimited fun.

A pleasant way to start your New Year eve is something by travelling to explore awesome places.


Goa attracts with countless party places, exotic beach stay, luxury resorts, live music, and night parties to get rocking everyone. Specially new year parties is divergent from usual, long night rave parties with dancing crowd at the sandy beaches would make you more fun and memorable.

It is the perfect destination to the lovers of beach, carnivals, parties, festivals, cheap booze and Sea food.

goa places celebrate new year india



Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a pleasant place to celebrate your New Year eve. The white sandy beach with the exotic natural views greet the visitors. The islands delights for endless water sports adventure surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, parasailing and paragliding. This is best tourist spots for beach, resorts and eco-tourism.

andaman places celebrate new year india


Lakshadweep is best place to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in India. The resorts and hotels gear up with the parties and every sip of your drink will make you unlimited fun. The best activities in Lakshadweep are exploring corals, Deep Sea diving, kayaking, and yacht and it’s emerging as one of the perfect place to celebrate your New Year’s Eve.

lakshadeep places celebrate new year india


Bangalore holds the large gardens, huge malls and plenty of party places to celebrating the New Year. The city turns bashes in night clubs, boundless house parties, rocking crowd, live DJ’s to tapping the feet of youngsters when it’s comes to New Year Eve.

Bangalore is an enticing place for enjoying the New Year parties and considering best places celebrate new year india.

bangalore places celebrate new year india


Pondicherry a former French capital and it is one of the best budget places to celebrate your new year’s eve in India. The beaches, French style buildings, rooftop cafes, lighting up the fire crackers in the coastline and dancing on the street will not make you stop tapping your feet. Pondicherry provides enough unlimited fun for this New Year 2018.  Beach, French colony, Peaceful Ashrams, Cafes and Cheap hot drinks are the perfect greeting for the travellers in Pondicherry.

pondicherry places celebrate new year india


Kodaikanal is the favored romantic destination for the couples and best holiday spot in the south Tamilnadu. This is the place especially for people who love the silent nature and cool misty climate. The night parties, luxury resorts, loud music get in a festive mood in the charming hills. This is pleasant place to enjoy your New Year Eve and perfect tourist spot for Naturals, Hills, Waterfalls and Forest adventure.

Kodaikanal places celebrate new year india

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