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Clean India – Be a Divergent

There is zillion differences between stagnant water and free flowing water. Free flowing water is always clean whereas, stagnant water becomes the bank for all diseases. To keep our environment and ourselves from such banks, we should pave way for Mother Nature to take its natural course. Though in few perspectives, it is not possible, doing the possible can allow her to survive, which is every citizen’s responsibility.

The Big Question

Why should I keep my environment clean, when my living place is clean? Perhaps a good question.

Let’s See Why the Perks

To Promote Tourism – Tourists are attracted towards great cities and places that are clean. Keeping our living place free from pollution and garbage attracts more visitors domestically and internationally. Thereby it also boosts the economic growth of the country.

For Better Health – Health is wealth. We might have learned this in our primary schools but we never understood the real meaning of it. Keeping our environment clean paves way for better health of our generation and thereby gifting the future generation better health and a clean environment.

Preserving the Environment – Preserving the environment is a mutual beneficiary understanding that has not been written in any scriptures. Preserving our environment takes forward the economy and the wellbeing of the nation in parallel.

Future Generations – We have chiseled all possible resources to make our living but what are we going to leave behind for the future generations, for instance take our daughters and sons. The present generation is much worried about their living but we leave behind is what they get. It is not going to take much of effort to leave behind. Little things can make wonders like keeping our environment clean from pollution and garbage, making little use of plastics, avoiding industrial wastes and other things. By these little things can harvest a better life and can set a better example for their future generations.

Attracting MNC – Environment always run parallel with Economy. Clean cities and clean places always attracts MNCs, as they are interested in the wellbeing of their employees. These in return create multiple and better opportunities.

Preserving the Heritage – Few places are known for their cultural heritage and historical monuments. When they are prone to pollution, these historical monuments can be destroyed in years. So to preserve the cultural heritage and the monuments, keeping our places clean is a must.

Do you need more reasons to keep your environment clean? Let’s play wise and save the rest for our future generations.

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