Avoid plastics in rameswaram

Giving Green a New Color! – Go Green India

Plastics have always remained a life threatening material to both the environment and to all living beings. Plastics have broken the food chain of various species and thereby making them extinct.

To enrich the richness of our mother nature and to bring back the extinct species, all we need to do is to avoid the usage of plastics.

Rameshwaram Tourism, in the verge to keep its place clean from plastics, are taking an initiative to avoid the usage of plastics to the maximum.

In talks with the respective officials about the process, we would be closely working with the people of Rameshwaram to ensure that green is given a new color.

We have always believed in Green and will always. As green is fading from our lives, we have planned to make Green more Greener, which is possible with all your support alone.

To know more about our “Giving Green a New Color”, contact us in the following mail address: contact@rameswaramtourism.com

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